Bronny James: Expert Sets Feasible Comeback Timeline for USC

Photo of Bronny James

Seeing Bronny James back in action on the court could be a while away

Will Bronny James be taking part in the forthcoming USC Trojans’ season? This question is occupying the thoughts of many as the Trojans are edging closer to commencing their 2023-24 season.

Securing the commitment of LeBron James’ son was a notable accomplishment for USC right from the start. The younger James has advanced as a remarkably talented basketball player, demonstrating his willingness to share the ball, his adeptness in defense, and a progressively improving shooting technique. Standing at a height of 6’3″, this guard has secured a place in multiple NBA Mock Drafts as a potential first-round selection in the upcoming season.

Moreover, the addition of James and Isaiah Collier, in conjunction with Boogie Ellis’ comeback, has fostered a belief among many that this envisaged USC backcourt is the most proficient and well-prepared in decades. While the enthusiasm is palpable, it’s imperative to address the prevailing reality. Put simply, the exact timing of his return to the Trojans’ court remains uncertain.

In a recent opinion piece for USA Today, Matt Zemek delved into conjecture regarding the potential timeframe for James’ reentry into USC’s roster. Zemek cited the case of Vince Iwuchukwu, USC’s 5-star freshman recruit from the preceding year, who similarly encountered cardiac complications in July before his freshman campaign.

Iwuchukwu’s medical clearance for play wasn’t granted until the ensuing January. Building upon this scenario, Zemek suggests that a similar timeline could be relevant to James. Naturally, every medical scenario is distinctive, and the concrete schedule for James’ resurgence in USC’s lineup remains uncertain until a panel of medical professionals offers their endorsement.

“If we hypothesize that Bronny James won’t be ready for action until January – it’s important to emphasize that this is not a confirmed fact, but rather an educated projection based on the recovery timeline seen with Vince Iwuchukwu last season – then USC’s primary backcourt duo of Isaiah Collier and Boogie Ellis will have to step up to handle the team’s duties throughout November and December.” Quoted from the writings of Matt Zemek in USA Today.

With James on the sidelines indefinitely, there is heightened pressure on Ellis and the highly regarded freshman from Atlanta. Although the depth behind these two players lacks extensive established experience, the team as a whole presents significant quality.

Kobe Johnson makes a return, acknowledged as one of the top perimeter defenders in the league. Transfer D.J. Rodman embodies the ideal 3-and-D player, displaying exceptional defensive versatility. Moreover, the Trojans possess a diverse array of tall players.

Newcomer Arrinten Page excels in adeptly creating space and demonstrates impressive rebounding skills. Josh Morgan comes back as one of the Pac-12’s most formidable shot-blockers. Sophomore Kijani Wright is eager to realize the potential he entered college with as a former McDonald’s All-American.

Harrison Hornery has been thriving as a stretch-four, making an impact with his performance beyond the three-point line. Ultimately, if Iwuchukwu manages to fully recover, his presence could greatly influence USC’s potential as he emerges as a possible future lottery pick.


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