Colts vs. Patriots: Forecasts by the Staff for the Week 10 Matchup

Photo of Colts vs. Patriots in their upcoming game in Germany.

The Indianapolis Colts, at 4-5, prepare to meet the New England Patriots, holding a 2-7 record, in a Week 10 showdown at Frankfurt Stadium in Germany. The odds slightly favor the Colts, and most experts anticipate an Indy win in this overseas game, notorious for its unpredictability due to factors like post-red-eye jet lag affecting players.

This impending game signifies the third meeting post Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots. While the Colts celebrated their first win against the Patriots since 2009 in 2021, they faced a significant defeat of 26-3 in their 2022 encounter.

This matchup carries substantial weight for the Indianapolis team as it presents a chance to achieve a .500 record before their bye week. A victory in this game has the potential to ignite momentum for a potential playoff push in their remaining seven games.

Despite facing their own challenges, the Patriots, possibly one of the weakest AFC teams, showcase their struggles through their win-loss record. Their offense lacks spark, especially in their cornerback department, raising concerns.

Key offensive players for the Colts, Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman Jr., take the lead, while DeForest Buckner delivers another outstanding performance. The defense rises to the occasion, doing enough to contain Mac Jones and securing two turnovers in a closely fought victory, ending on a high note heading into the bye week.

Cody Manning forecasts that the Colts will win 21-17 against the Patriots

The Colts debut in Germany with a strong start, initiating the game with a touchdown drive orchestrated by Gardner Minshew’s efficient passing. This success allows Jonathan Taylor to excel in the ground game, producing explosive plays that contribute to more touchdown drives.

Throughout the game, the Patriots, led by Mac Jones, pick up momentum in the second half, intensifying the competition. Yet, a crucial strip-sack by Kwity Paye in the closing moments secures the victory for Indianapolis.

Meghan Hall: Colts 21, Patriots 17

Despite grappling with injuries, the Colts are adjusting their strategies to clinch wins. In the upcoming game, their innovative tactics against an inconsistent New England team are expected. Gardner Minshew’s focus on ball security and trust in his key players could be the key to exploiting the Patriots’ vulnerabilities and steering the Colts towards a victory.

Cody Felger anticipates the Colts securing a 24-13 win over the Patriots

New England’s persistent challenges, particularly in their offense, continue. I predict the Colts taking advantage of opportune turnovers from the Patriots to score points.

As the Week 10 showdown approaches, the staff predictions and expert analyses highlight the intrigue and uncertainty surrounding this game. The Colts, with their offensive firepower, are favored by most predictions. However, the Patriots’ potential to turn the tide cannot be discounted. The outcome of this game is eagerly awaited as both teams vie for a crucial victory in their respective seasons.


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