Every revelation disclosed during The Game Awards 2023

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As we approach the conclusion of 2023, a year marked by eagerly anticipated game launches and delightful surprises, the video game industry wraps up with anticipated results. In a varied array of announcements on Thursday night, notable titles from recent years, such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Alan Wake 2, competed for prestigious awards.

Ultimately, Baldur’s Gate 3 secured six victories, including the coveted Game of the Year and Best Performance for Neil Newbon. Alan Wake 2, with an equal number of nominations as Baldur’s Gate 3, garnered three awards and captivated the audience with the live performance of Herald of Darkness. Indie categories celebrated achievements for Cocoon and Sea of Stars, while Forza Motorsport clinched two wins.

However, The Game Awards primarily emphasizes announcements, setting the stage for the forthcoming year of releases. In addition to revealing details about Hideo Kojima’s Xbox game, we were treated to unveilings for Monster Hunter Wild, God of War DLC, Arkane Lyon’s new game, and much more. Discover all the significant announcements mentioned below:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is receiving a remake

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a beloved indie game released in 2013, took center stage in the initial announcement of the night, unveiling its upcoming remake set to launch on February 28, 2024. Notably, this remake marks the directorial debut of Josef Faras at Hazelight Studios, a notable achievement for someone previously honored with a Game of the Year award for It Takes Two.

Pony Island is getting a remake by the Inscryption developer

Adding to the surprises during The Game Awards preshow, Daniel Mullins Games, the mind behind the acclaimed surprise success Inscryption, disclosed the development of Pony Island 2: Panda Circus. While the trailer offered limited insights, it hinted at a nostalgic experience in retro gaming, coupled with the unexpected appearance of SungWon Cho (aka ProZD).

The creators of Dead Cells reveal their newest game (in 3D!)

Motion Twin made an unexpected impact on the gaming community with the launch of Dead Cells, a 2D roguelike accessible on all platforms since its inception in 2018. At The Game Awards, the development team unveiled their newest creation, Windblown, scheduled to enter early access on Steam for PC in early 2024. In this gaming experience, players assume the role of a Leaper, participating in battles to protect their home while exploring novel and hazardous open worlds. And to reassure fans, it retains the beloved roguelike gameplay that has garnered appreciation over time!

In the DLC, God of War Ragnarok goes roguelike

Kratos’ voice actor, Chris Judge, not only presented the Performer of the Year award but is also reprising his role in God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla, offering free DLC for the acclaimed blockbuster from the previous year. This expansion introduces roguelike gameplay to the franchise while maintaining the iconic God of War visual style. Furthermore, gamers can look forward to its release next week on December 12, 2023, accessible on both PS4 and PS5.

Ninja Theory showcases new footage from Hellblade 2

After a spellbinding musical performance, The Game Awards presented new footage of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, offering glimpses into the game’s world, gameplay, and immersive atmosphere. Initially introduced in 2019 alongside the Xbox Series X|S, the game has generated significant anticipation, and its official release is now confirmed for 2024. Additionally, it will be immediately available on day one for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.

Sega announces a slate of five games all at once

In a brief update, Sega opted to announce five games simultaneously. The limited details provided indicate that new installments are underway for Shinobi, Crazy Taxi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Jet Set Radio. The nature of these releases, whether entirely new entries or remakes, remains unclear. Keighley mentioned that the launch is planned over the coming years.

A single-player game set in the Dead by Daylight universe is scheduled for a 2024 release

Recognized for developing narrative horror games driven by player choices like Until Dawn and The Quarry, Supermassive Games has earned acclaim in the gaming community. The studio is joining forces with Behaviour Interactive, known for Dead by Daylight, to create their next venture, The Casting of Frank Stone. This solo adventure is situated in the Dead by Daylight universe. Although specific details are scarce at the moment, the game is scheduled for release in 2024.

Hideo Kojima reveals OD and announces a partnership with Jordan Peele

Hideo Kojima, recognized for collaborating with Guillermo del Toro and Junji Ito on Silent Hills, extends his partnership with horror icons, joining forces with Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele and others for his latest project, OD. Although the game’s existence leaked late last year, the first official preview surfaced through a haunting trailer, featuring cast members like Hunter Schafer (Euphoria) and Udo Kier (Blade). True to Kojima’s signature style, the game’s storyline remains elusive, but in a live interview, he expressed the ambition to forge a groundbreaking medium by seamlessly integrating elements of both video games and film.

Arkane Lyon is creating a game featuring Marvel’s Blade

The studio behind the Dishonored series and Deathloop announced Marvel’s Blade, starring the iconic daywalker and set in Paris. Director Dinga Bakaba assured during an interview with Keighley that it retains the distinct Arkane game identity, but he shared only a few additional details. This project adds to the lineup of ongoing Marvel ventures, including Insomniac’s Wolverine game and Black Panther from Cliffhanger Games.

The team behind No Man’s Sky returns to Earth with Light No Fire

Sean Murray, the managing director of Hello Games, made an appearance at The Game Awards not only to celebrate a decade of No Man’s Sky but also to introduce the company’s latest project. Entitled Light No Fire, it seems to share similarities with No Man’s Sky, featuring a procedurally generated Earth instead of an expansive, desolate universe. Murray characterized the Earth in the game as “a planet that’s as buried as a universe” and emphasized it as “the first real open world.” Although there’s no specific release timeframe provided, he conveyed the aspiration to keep updating the game even a decade into the future.

Square Enix drops surprise Final Fantasy 16 DLC

Final Fantasy 16 was honored at this evening’s ceremony and gained further prominence as two DLC announcements were revealed. Echoes of the Fallen, the first DLC, is currently accessible on PS5. The second one, titled The Rising Tide, is slated for release in spring 2024.

The destructible arena shooter, The Finals, is now accessible tonight

Surprise! The Finals, a combat arena battle shooter developed by Embark Studios and offered as a free-to-play game, has concluded its beta phase and is now officially available on various platforms, including Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. Serving as the inaugural title from the studio, which consists of former Battlefield veterans, the game assures a unique gaming experience with fully destructible environments.

Monster Hunter Wilds is set to release on multiple platforms in 2025

As the last “World Premiere” of the night, Capcom unveiled Monster Hunter Wilds, the latest addition to the internationally acclaimed adventure series. The initial trailer showcased a desert transforming into a lush landscape. The game is set for a 2025 release, and additional information is expected to be revealed later this summer.

Here are summaries for the various announcements made at The Game Awards:

  1. Rise of the Golden Idol: This is a sequel to the murder mystery game Curse of the Golden Idol. It will be available on various platforms as well as Netflix.
  2. Usual June: Finji’s new game, taking players back to high school in the year 2025.
  3. Harmonium: The Musical: Announced by The Odd Gentlemen, this charming game will be available on Netflix Games and Game Pass.
  4. Thrasher: From the creator of Thumper, this game is scheduled for release in 2024.
  5. Persona 3: Reload: A new trailer was revealed ahead of its release in February 2024.
  6. Dredge and Dave The Diver Crossover: Two sea-based games are teaming up for a crossover, set to release on December 15, 2023.
  7. Metaphor: ReFantazio: The next game from Persona developers at Atlus, with a new trailer and a release window set for fall 2024.
  8. World of Goo 2: A sequel to the indie hit from 2008, expected to release in 2024.
  9. Exodus: Announced by Archetype Entertainment, a division of Wizards of the Coast, with the involvement of Matthew McConaughey.
  10. Big Walk: From House House, the creators of Untitled Goose Game, set to release in 2025.
  11. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown: A new trailer was released, and a free demo is coming on January 11, 2024.
  12. Kemuri: Ikumi Nakamura’s first project from her own studio, unveiled at The Game Awards.
  13. No Rest for the Wicked: Moon Studios, the team behind the Ori series, has an action RPG set to launch on March 1, 2024.
  14. Dragonball Sparking Zero: An upcoming game without a release window yet, but set to release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.
  15. Visions of Mana: The latest in the Mana series from Square Enix, coming in 2024.
  16. Rise of the Ronin: A PlayStation-exclusive game with a new trailer and a release date of March 22, 2024.
  17. The Outlast Trials: Originally on PC, it’s coming to consoles on March 5, 2024.
  18. Jurassic Park Survival: Coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.
  19. Rocket Racing: Coming to Fortnite on December 8, 2023.
  20. Black Myth: Wukong: A new trailer with a release date set for August 20, 2024.
  21. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: After a delay, a new trailer was released with a new release date on February 2, 2024.
  22. Warframe: Whispers in the Walls: Set to release on all platforms on December 13, 2023.
  23. Ready or Not: Leaving early access and hitting 1.0 on December 13, 2023.
  24. Tales of Kenzera: ZAU: An EA Originals game, a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer inspired by African mythology, set to launch on April 23, 2024.
  25. Lost Records: Bloom & Rage: The team behind the Life is Strange franchise showed off this narrative adventure, scheduled for late 2024.
  26. The First Berserker: Khazan: Set in the world of Dungeon Fighter Online, with a new trailer.
  27. Apex Legends and Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth Crossover: A crossover event in Apex Legends on January 9, 2024.
  28. Skull & Bones: Set to release on February 16, 2024.
  29. Twisted Metal Season 2 on Peacock: Anthony Mackie made an appearance to announce the return of Twisted Metal.
  30. Last Sentinel: Revealed by Tencent’s Lightspeed Studios with a cinematic trailer.
  31. The First Descendant: Coming in summer 2024 from Nexon.
  32. Zenless Zone Zero: The next Hoyoverse game with a new trailer, set to arrive in 2024.
  33. Mecha Break: Getting a closed alpha test soon.
  34. GTFO: The Final Chapter: Having a free weekend on Steam until December 10, 2024.
  35. Den of Wolves: A new heist game from 10 Chambers, the creators of the Payday series.
  36. Exoborne: Announced by Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt developer Sharkmob, an open-world extraction shooter with no other details revealed.
  37. Stormgate: Debuted by Simu Liu, a new RTS from Frost Giant Studio hitting Steam Early Access in summer 2024.


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