Ireland out, Canada’s comeback – Women’s World Cup 2023 live

Photo of Canada's victory over Ireland by 2-1 in FIFAWWC

Canada's victory over Ireland by 2-1 in FIFAWWC.

Ireland’s hopes of reaching the last-16 in Group B are dashed as they suffer two consecutive defeats, with Canada securing a 2-1 victory. With no chance of progressing further, their final group game against Nigeria remains a mere formality. Ireland’s Women’s World Cup run concludes as Olympic champions Canada mount a comeback to claim a 2-1 victory, marking Ireland’s second consecutive Group B defeat and dashing their hopes of progressing to the knockout stages.

Despite Katie McCabe’s stunning opening goal, scored directly from a corner kick, Canada turned the tables by capitalizing on a Megan Connolly own goal and securing the win with a second-half goal from Adriana Leon. After their initial defeat to co-hosts Australia, Ireland now occupies the bottom position in Group B. Their hopes of progressing to the last-16 have been extinguished, making their final group match against Nigeria next week a mere formality.

In contrast, Group C has seen both Spain and Japan secure their places in the last-16 with one game remaining. Japan claimed a comfortable 2-0 victory against Costa Rica, while Spain displayed dominance with a 5-0 triumph over Zambia. Both teams have accumulated six points, ensuring their advancement to the knockout stages. The highly anticipated clash between Spain and Japan on Monday will decide the group winner, while Costa Rica and Zambia have already been eliminated from contention, despite having one match left to play.

With the knockout stages on the horizon, the excitement is set to intensify as the best teams vie for the ultimate prize. As Ireland bids farewell to the tournament, they leave with their heads held high, knowing they contributed to an unforgettable spectacle of women’s football at its finest. Meanwhile, Canada and other top-performing teams are ready to face the challenges that lie ahead on their quest for Women’s World Cup glory.


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