Messi’s Massive Offer from Revealed

Photo of Messi.

Following Paris Saint-Germain‘s announcement that Lionel Messi would depart the club when his contract expired in 2023, the Saudi Pro League aimed to secure the Argentine star. Former club Barcelona was also reportedly interested, but Messi decided to embrace a new challenge in Major League Soccer with Inter Miami.

In recent years, the Saudi Pro League has attracted numerous high-profile players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Karim Benzema. Al-Hilal president Anmar Al Haili revealed the significant amount his club was willing to offer Messi to lure him to Saudi Arabia.

Al Haili told NIBC, “We contacted Messi as his contract in Paris was ending, offering him €1.4 billion, but he declined because his family preferred America. It’s surprising that he turned down such a huge offer for his family’s sake.

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He convinced his family without hesitation, and we respect that—family is more important than money.” Since joining MLS, Messi has thrived, winning the Leagues Cup and lifting Miami to the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

The Argentine star recently stated that he expects Inter Miami to be his final club before retiring. Meanwhile, Saudi teams continue targeting top players, with Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, and Virgil van Dijk as new targets for their wealthy clubs.

Messi’s decision to decline a staggering €1.4 billion offer from Al-Hilal in favor of joining Inter Miami underscores his prioritization of family over financial gain. Thriving in Major League Soccer, he has cemented his presence with impressive victories and leadership. As Messi looks towards concluding his illustrious career, his choice reflects a commitment to personal fulfillment and a lasting legacy beyond monetary considerations.


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