2023 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction: Start Time and TV Coverage

Photo of Fred McGriff along with Baseball of Fame Leaders

Fred McGriff along with Baseball of Fame Leaders.

This Sunday, Cooperstown will commemorate the inductions of Scott Rolen and Fred McGriff into the esteemed National Baseball Hall of Fame, paying tribute to two more baseball legends. Rolen, widely acknowledged for his extraordinary fielding abilities, secured eight Gold Glove awards throughout his career while representing the Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds.

This year marks his sixth year of eligibility for the Hall of Fame. McGriff, celebrated for his impressive power hitting, achieved 30-plus home runs an impressive ten times during his illustrious career.

His induction into the Hall of Fame was unanimous, with him appearing on all 16 ballots of the Contemporary Era Players’ Committee. These two humble yet exceptional players, both having earned World Series championships, will bask in the limelight during the Sunday afternoon ceremony in New York.

Schedule, TV information, inductees, and recipients of awards

Date and Time:

Sunday, July 23 at 1:30 p.m.

Viewing Details:

Exclusively airing on MLB Network; Streamable on MLB.com

Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • Scott Rolen (elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America)
  • Fred McGriff (unanimously elected by the Contemporary Baseball Era Players Committee)

Hall of Fame Award Recipients:

  • Carl Erskine (Buck O’Neil Lifetime Achievement Award)
  • John Lowe (Baseball Writers’ Association of America Career Excellence Award)
  • Pat Hughes (2023 Ford C. Frick Award)

Scott Rolen, the professional baseball athlete

On Rolen’s Hall of Fame plaque, he will be depicted donning a St. Louis Cardinals cap, a decision that becomes evident upon further examination. Throughout his six-season tenure with the National League team, Rolen’s achievements as a third baseman were remarkable, earning him four All-Star selections and three Gold Glove awards.

Additionally, he had the privilege of participating in two World Series with the revered franchise, culminating in a victory in 2006. Before joining the St. Louis Cardinals, Scott Rolen achieved significant milestones in his career.

As a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, he earned the prestigious Rookie of the Year award in 1997 and acquired four Gold Glove awards. Despite the Phillies’ limited success during his time there, Rolen received MVP votes twice. As his career progressed, Rolen displayed exceptional performance, showing little sign of slowing down.

With the Cincinnati Reds, he contributed to a playoff team in 2010, securing another All-Star selection, more MVP votes, and ultimately earning his eighth and final Gold Glove. Throughout his career, Rolen compiled impressive statistics, including 316 home runs, a .281 batting average, and an OPS+ of .855.

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His remarkable arm strength and ability to make crucial outs from third to first base set him apart. He remained a defensive marvel even during an era where the game sought to emphasize offense.

An iconic infielder, he left a lasting impact on each team he graced with his presence. His exceptional defensive prowess, powerful arm, and numerous personal achievements exemplify the true essence of a Hall of Famer, but it is his unique ability to elevate his teams that truly sets him apart.

Fred McGriff, the renowned baseball player

Fred McGriff.

McGriff’s prolonged wait to secure a spot in the Hall of Fame is truly remarkable, especially considering that he was completely removed from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America ballot in 2020. Throughout his 19-season career, McGriff showcased his talents for various teams, including the Blue Jays, Padres, Braves, Devil Rays, Cubs, and Dodgers.

He received MVP votes in six consecutive seasons (1988-1993) and two additional times in 1994-1995. Noteworthy achievements include leading the American League in home runs with 36 in 1989 while playing for Toronto and topping the National League with 35 home runs in 1992 during his tenure with San Diego.

McGriff earned three Silver Slugger awards, was selected to four All-Star teams, and secured a World Series victory with the Braves in 1995, serving as their formidable power-hitting cleanup man. His impressive career boasts 493 home runs, tying him with Lou Gehrig, alongside remarkable statistics such as a .284 batting average, 2,490 hits, 441 doubles, and 1,550 RBI.

Furthermore, McGriff’s brilliance extended beyond the regular season, as evidenced by his exceptional performance in postseason games, where he maintained a .303 batting average, hit 10 home runs, drove in 37 runs, and accumulated 100 total bases.

McGriff’s explosive offensive prowess instilled fear in opposing managers, well-aware of his capacity to deliver a home run at any critical moment. Similar to Rolen, his lasting legacy lies in the profound impact he had on the teams he played for, with his silent leadership and on-field achievements speaking volumes within the clubhouse.


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