Sha’Carri Richardson & Bronny James Unite for New Brand Collab

Photo of Sha'Carri Richardson and Bronny James on the for their brand.

When news emerged about Sha’Carri Richardson’s partnership with a brand, various parties weighed in on the agreement. In addition to the substantial USD 20 million involved, the deal encompasses initiatives supported by Nike, such as promoting social inclusivity and advocating for mental health. Bronny James, an up-and-coming basketball talent, previously benefited from a Nike NIL deal in 2022, which significantly contributed to his exceptional performance in high school. Now, both Richardson and James, who are adored by fans, find themselves on a similar path once again, this time thanks to Google Android.

Google Android has capitalized on the appeal of these two emerging athletes to raise awareness of their latest system update. Based on initial feedback, Sha’Carri and Bronny appear to be well-suited for effectively disseminating the news.

Sha’Carri Richardson took to her X-handle on March 22nd to reveal the latest updates from Google Android. She shared an intriguing 56-second snippet alongside the caption, “Feeling the WOW factor. Circle to search, exclusive on @Android. #ad”.

Within the snippet, both Sha’Carri and Bronny were actively involved in utilizing the “Circle to Search with Google” feature. Google states that this update is designed to shorten search times and enhance result accuracy. As a result, the promoted snippet effectively communicated this upbeat vibe.

During the opening sequence, Bronny James was observed engaging in basketball practice. However, the vase positioned behind Bronny captured the user’s interest, prompting her to zoom in on it. Subsequently, an exact depiction of the vase’s details filled the screen.

Sha’Carri Richardson made her entrance later, displaying her dance skills with two track companions. Their coordinated leg movements synchronized with the music underscored their favored pastimes, which they have openly endorsed in recent occasions.

The USD 20 million deal for Sha’Carri Richardson had been in progress, given her affiliation with LSU since 2019. However, known for her resilience and representation of class, SCR has been careful in choosing her partnerships. Previously, several brands allegedly used the image of the 100m world champion without formal agreements.

During that time, the 23-year-old track and field star made it clear, “Hey everyone, I don’t endorse any products or services unless you see me post them here on my page.” Her roster of endorsements included brands like Nike, Apple Music, and Beats by Dre. Similarly, Bronny James has followed a similar path.

In addition to Nike, the Trojans freshman has recently demonstrated a sole preference for his father LeBron’s NXXT Gen basketball shoes. The customized footwear garnered attention during the USC versus Arizona game earlier this month. Now, Google has joined the ranks of both SCR and Bronny.


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