Chicago Bulls Select 6’5″ Guard in 2024 NBA Mock Draft

Photo of Ja'Kobe Walter, the NBA shot maker for Chicago Bulls.

This summer marks a crucial juncture for the Chicago Bulls, presenting them with a strategic opportunity to plan for the future. The upcoming 2024 NBA Draft offers the potential to inject the roster with much-needed young talent, ideally complementing established players such as Coby White, Ayo Dosunmu, and potentially Patrick Williams (if he opts to stay with the team).

In a recent 2024 NBA Mock Draft authored by Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report, the Chicago Bulls are anticipated to pick Baylor guard Ja’Kobe Walter with the 12th selection. Walter, a freshman guard standing at 6 feet 5 inches from Baylor, shows promising potential as a shot-creator in the NBA.

Wasserman underscores this specific skill as a compelling factor for teams to consider when evaluating Walter.

“Despite a decrease in his three-point shooting accuracy, Ja’Kobe Walter remains identified by scouts as a prospective NBA shot maker,” remarked Wasserman. “Since his time in high school, he has exhibited adaptability in shooting, coupled with notable positional abilities and proficiency in executing difficult shots close to the basket. Nonetheless, apprehensions emerge about his capacity to initiate plays and foster chances for his teammates, emphasizing the importance of Walter maintaining a steady performance in converting jump shots. In Baylor’s last 13 matches, he has converted merely 19 of 80 three-point tries while also providing 21 assists.”

As of now in the ongoing season at Baylor, Walter of the Chicago Bulls holds statistical averages of 14.4 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.6 assists, with shooting percentages of 38.5% from the field and 32.3% from three-point range.

The Chicago Bulls have made a significant move by selecting a 6’5″ guard in the 2024 NBA Mock Draft. This decision marks a pivotal moment for the team as they aim to bolster their roster with promising talent for the future. With strategic selections like these, the Bulls are positioning themselves for success in the seasons to come, adding depth and skill to their lineup. As the NBA landscape evolves, the Bulls’ choice in this draft underscores their commitment to building a competitive team poised for greatness.


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