Matheson’s Day: Focused on Recovery Treatments

Photo of Mike Matheson.

In the bustling hockey town of BROSSARD, Que, Mike Matheson made a strategic choice to forego the typical training routine with the Montreal Canadiens on a Tuesday morning. Instead, he opted for a day solely focused on receiving treatments, a decision that sheds light on the importance of proactive recovery strategies in professional sports.

Matheson had been a key player the night before, donning the Canadiens uniform in a thrilling match against the Seattle Kraken, which saw the team secure a 4-2 victory. The defenseman’s commitment to his recovery journey underscores the dedication required to maintain peak performance over a demanding season.

Matheson has emerged as a notable contributor on the ice with his 5 goals and 13 assists showcasing his prowess in the 25 games played during the current season; and the significant impact he has had on the team’s overall performance. While he took a step back from the regular training routine, his dedication to recovery highlights a long-term perspective on sustaining his contributions to the Canadiens’ success.

Meanwhile, defenseman David Savard, sidelined since October 23 due to a fractured left hand sustained against the Buffalo Sabres, practiced with the regular squad. The team had announced a recovery period of six to eight weeks for Savard.

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Prior to the training session, forwards Juraj Slafkovsky and Christian Dvorak, along with defenseman Kaiden Guhle, took part in a specialized training session focused on shooting skills.

As Matheson embarks on this day of recovery, the spotlight now turns to the future. The defenseman’s commitment to proactive treatments speaks volumes about the evolving landscape of sports science and the recognition of the importance of injury prevention and overall player well-being.

The Canadiens are scheduled to play their next game at the Bell Centre on Thursday against the Los Angeles Kings.

Mike Matheson’s decision to dedicate a day to treatments serves as a reminder of the intricate balance required for athletes to thrive. As the Montreal Canadiens navigate the challenges of the season, Matheson’s commitment to recovery not only benefits him individually but also contributes to the team’s collective journey towards success.


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