Ancelotti commends Bellingham for his exceptional performance

Photo of Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti.

The team performed strongly, particularly in the first half, displaying significant intensity, remarked the coach. Following Real Madrid’s triumph against Athletic Club on LaLiga’s opening matchday, Carlo Ancelotti addressed the media at San Mamés. He remarked that their performance was robust, especially in the first half, showcasing significant intensity. Despite a reduction in control during the second half, their defensive solidity remained intact.

Ancelotti stressed that a united team with the correct mindset highlights their defensive prowess. He highlighted their adept positioning and success in one-on-one challenges. The initial half witnessed frequent ball recovery, indicating the team’s comfort with this approach and their praiseworthy defensive dedication.

Commendation for Bellingham

“His performance is truly outstanding. He projects a strong personality and has rapidly adapted to the team’s tactics. It feels as though he’s been a part of our unit for a significant period, and his skills are truly remarkable.”



“His attributes stand apart from those of Joselu. His collaboration with Valverde and Carvajal on the right flank was notable. He’s adapting well to our system, as is Vini Jr.

Despite their youth, they’re making good progress, but they should continue on this trajectory. We’re optimistic that Rodrygo can exceed his goal count from the last season.”

Militão’s Injury

“He experienced a knee sprain. The initial evaluation is not reassuring, and we’ll be conducting a more detailed examination in the coming hours. While we’re optimistic that it’s not a severe problem, we’re naturally concerned and remaining open to all potential outcomes.”

Kroos and Modrić

“They’re part of a high-quality squad. I wouldn’t categorize them as backups. Their roles as players are highly significant. The lineup choice for today was deliberate, but I might consider a different approach next week.”

Kepa “I refrain from discussing individuals who are not part of the Real Madrid roster, as he is not among our team members.”


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