England VS Australia 3-1: Live Updates, WWC 2023 Semifinal

Photo of Mary Earps, the Lionesses' goalkeeper enjoying England victory over Australia in FIFAWWC2023 Semifinal in Sydney

In a match held in Sydney, England emerged victorious against co-hosts Australia, sealing a place in the Women’s World Cup final with a 3-1 result. The Lionesses are now poised to face Spain in the title clash on Sunday. According to FIFA rankings, Australia holds the 10th position, while England is placed at 4th.

In an exhilarating match marked by shifts in momentum, England demonstrated exceptional skill and accuracy. Australia’s participation in the tournament comes to an end, and they are scheduled to face Sweden in the battle for third place on August 19.

On the other hand, as England advances to Sunday’s final against Spain, they approach it with optimism, while remaining cautious of their opponent’s strengths. We hope our coverage of today’s game was captivating. Stay tuned as we bring you updates for the final two matches of this remarkable tournament.

‘England enjoyed a more prosperous night.’

Australia’s manager, Tony Gustavsson, shared his perspective by saying, “Tonight, I stand in solidarity with many. The players left nothing behind on the field. That’s why the fans are showing their gratitude.”

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He recognized, “It was one of those nights. England showcased precision in their execution.”

Gustavsson emphasized the discussions held during halftime regarding defensive tactics, explaining, “Our deliberations revolved around our defensive strategy. I feel our ball possession lacked boldness. In the second half, we made improvements and occasionally dominated.”

“Their effectiveness in front of the goal was striking. Today, England performed better in those crucial instances,” he concluded.

“This captures the core of the issue.”

Russo, who secured England’s third goal, shares her thoughts after the match: “I’m overjoyed. Reaching a World Cup final is an incredible accomplishment. While we aimed for the semifinals initially, this is the pinnacle of our journey.”

“When they scored, they seized momentum, and the crowd’s energy surged. Hemp’s goal shifted the momentum back.” (Regarding their chances of winning on Sunday) “Absolutely, why not? I expect Spain to pose an even tougher test. Every match in this tournament has been of the highest standard.”

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