Boriša Simanić loses kidney in Basketball World Cup elbow hit

Photo of boriša simanić

After being injured during the game, Boriša Simanić had to undergo two separate surgeries. South Sudan’s Nuni Omot has expressed his apologies for the incident.

During a Basketball World Cup match against South Sudan, a Serbian player underwent kidney removal surgery due to an elbow strike to his midsection. This was confirmed by the Serbian basketball federation on Monday, revealing that Boriša Simanić had to undergo two separate surgical procedures. The initial surgery occurred after last Wednesday’s game when Simanić collapsed following an elbow from South Sudan’s Nuni Omot.

However, a second surgery was deemed necessary on Sunday due to changes in the kidney tissue’s condition, leading to the complete removal of the kidney.

Additionally, there were challenges in identifying a suitable blood type for the 25-year-old player, and one of his teammates generously volunteered to donate blood.

Dr. Dragan Radovanović, the Serbian team’s doctor, indicated that Simanić would remain hospitalized in Manila for ongoing recovery. The tournament is being jointly hosted by the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.

Following the game on Wednesday, Omot issued an apology for the incident, expressing regret for any perceived unsportsmanlike conduct and conveying his best wishes for Simanić’s speedy recuperation.

Simanić has previously played for clubs in Serbia and Spain, with a brief stint in the Utah Jazz’s summer league team in 2022. Serbia is scheduled to face Lithuania in the World Cup quarter-finals on Tuesday. It is worth noting that some professional athletes have successfully competed with only one kidney, such as Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the NFL, who had a non-functioning kidney removed during childhood and went on to have a successful career.


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