Pep Guardiola to Reflect on Manchester City Future in Close Season

Photo of Pep Guardiola celebrated as High skills Manager ahead Manchester City.

During the offseason, Pep Guardiola will be reflecting on his future with Manchester City, as he remains unsure about extending his contract beyond the summer of 2025 when his current agreement expires. Despite previously extending his contract in November, Guardiola had been leaning towards leaving the club after the upcoming season following City’s treble success last year.

However, the 53-year-old has now chosen to take some time to deliberate on whether to extend his time at the club, where he arrived in 2016 and achieved significant success. Under Guardiola’s guidance, City clinched their fourth consecutive Premier League title this month. Despite aiming for back-to-back Doubles, City fell short, suffering a defeat to Manchester United in Saturday’s FA Cup final.

Guardiola’s careful deliberation regarding his future could result in some uncertainty during the 2024-25 season regarding City’s managerial situation for the following season. While City’s executives are understandably eager for Guardiola to commit to a new contract, they also acknowledge his need for thorough consideration and are thus willing to afford him the time required to make a decision about his long-term plans.

As the most successful manager in City’s history, Guardiola has steered the club to six Premier League titles, two FA Cups, four League Cups, the Champions League, the Super Cup, and the Club World Cup. Speaking at City’s recent title celebration, he reflected, “Even I couldn’t have predicted staying here for eight years, but everything has gone smoothly. We’ve progressed step by step. It might seem routine, but it’s far from it.”

Regarding City’s summer transfer plans, Guardiola expressed uncertainty, noting, “I’m unsure of what will unfold. I’m not privy to which players will choose to stay or depart. Players come and go. Currently, I’m extremely satisfied with the team and their conduct throughout the season. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Pep Guardiola’s decision to take time during the close season to contemplate his future with Manchester City underscores the significance of the upcoming period for both the manager and the club. As Guardiola remains uncertain about signing a new contract beyond the summer of 2025, City’s executives are keen for him to extend his tenure but are prepared to give him the necessary space for thoughtful consideration.

Guardiola’s remarkable success with City, highlighted by numerous titles across various competitions, adds further weight to the importance of his decision. Ultimately, the outcome of Guardiola’s reflection will not only shape the future direction of Manchester City but also mark a significant milestone in Guardiola’s illustrious managerial career.


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