Messi stands as the MLS’s most valuable player ever

Photo of Messi along with MLS leaders

The Argentine player’s market value establishes a new benchmark for soccer in the United States.

Lionel Messi’s arrival in Miami has sparked notable changes both in the sporting and economic aspects. Under his guidance, the team achieved triumph with remarkable displays, leading to increased box office revenue and a significant rise in social media followers. Despite being 36 years old, he not only smoothly adapted to MLS but also holds the remarkable position of having the highest current market value ever seen in the history of the entire North American competition, according to Transfer market’s data.

Despite the occurrences of the past decade where numerous legendary players joined American clubs, the inclusion of well-known figures like Thierry Henry, Andrea Pirlo, David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimović, and even David Beckham before the former Barcelona prodigy, the significance of Messi’s presence remains unmatched.

In contrast, the Inter Miami franchise carries a valuation of 90.6 million euros. In this setting, Messi’s involvement constitutes more than a third of Beckham’s team, a remarkable 35 million euros, to be exact.

With the MLS season ready to move forward, here’s an overview of the current leading market values for players actively engaged in the league. These figures are all extracted from Transfer markte’s data.

  1. Lionel Messi: 35 million euros
  2. Thiago Almada: 27 million euros
  3. Sebastián Driussi: 15 million euros
  4. Facundo Torres: 14 million euros
  5. Hany Mukhtar: 12 million euros
  6. Riqui Puig: 12 million euros
  7. Talles Magno: 12 million euros
  8. Cucho Fernández: 10 million euros
  9. Jesus Ferreira: 9 million euros
  10. Brandon Vázquez: 8.5 million euros

It’s worth noting that this compilation is notably characterized by a prevalence of Latin American players. Adding an intriguing twist, a few of Leo Messi’s counterparts at Inter Miami, namely Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, are noticeably absent from the lineup. Their respective market values stand at four million euros and three-and-a-half million euros.


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