Messi: Upcoming match is the costliest in MLS history

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The fervor surrounding “Messi mania” remains undiminished. According to the online marketplace TickPick, ticket prices for this Sunday’s clash between Inter Miami and Los Angeles FC have reached historic highs in Major League Soccer. The average ticket price has soared to approximately $690, marking an astounding 527% increase compared to the pre-Messi era when the average MLS ticket cost $110.

As the match draws near, the most economical ticket for witnessing Messi take on the reigning MLS Cup champions comes with a price tag of $785. Conversely, in the absence of Messi, ticket prices plummet significantly. TickPick’s data reveals that the cheapest seat for the subsequent LAFC game, without Messi, is 80% more affordable at $151.

However, this could be the pinnacle of ticket prices. Brett Goldberg, co-CEO of TickPick, shared with CNN that the market is likely to “keep prices stable at their current rate,” though there is a possibility of further price increases due to the heightened demand.

Moreover, Goldberg highlighted that LAFC ranks among the most well-liked teams in Major League Soccer, resulting in consistent high demand for their matches. He underscored the significance of the situation, saying, “In this particular scenario, you have one of the globe’s most celebrated athletes coming to the city.”

Since joining MLS, Messi’s presence has consistently driven up ticket prices. In the recent match marking Messi’s regular season debut, ticket prices skyrocketed to nearly 1,000% above the usual rates for a New York Red Bulls ticket.

The “Messi mania” phenomenon extends far beyond the soccer field. Apple has reported a significant surge in subscriptions to its soccer streaming package since Messi’s MLS debut in July. Additionally, Adidas has witnessed an unprecedented demand for Messi’s jerseys, resulting in order backlogs that extend all the way to October. has disclosed that their top eight best-selling jerseys on their website are all Messi-related, including his Argentina national team kit and the Inter Miami jersey. Astonishingly, the Florida-based team now leads in sales of MLS club kits across all U.S. states except Vermont. Previously, the Inter Miami jersey was the best-selling choice only within Florida.


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