Sha’Carri Richardson now has a track bearing her name

Photo of Richardson

Last week, world champion sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was left pleasantly surprised as the Dallas Independent School District board unanimously voted to name the track at the Jesse Owens Athletic Complex’s John Kincaide Stadium after her.

This unanimous decision results in the track being officially designated as the “Sha’Carri Richardson Track.” Richardson’s ties to the district are deeply rooted, having attended both elementary and high school there, with her alma mater, Carter High School, situated just one mile north of the track.

Richardson conveyed her emotions, expressing, “For those from the city, this holds immense significance; you understand that the stadium is filled with cherished memories. I am genuinely without words.” During her time at Carter High School, Richardson achieved Texas state 100-meter titles in her sophomore, junior, and senior years, as well as 200-meter titles in both her junior and senior years.

Subsequently, at Louisiana State University, she claimed the NCAA 100-meter title in her freshman year before embarking on a professional career in 2019. The district detailed in a statement on their website that naming the track in her honor serves as a tribute to her extraordinary athletic accomplishments and her strong connections to Dallas.

During the weekend, Richardson upheld her Texan connections by presenting awards at the F1 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. She also took photographs alongside Formula 1 stars Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen after the race.

Additionally, Richardson participated in the F1 Academy race, a competition exclusively for female racers established earlier this year. In a video for GQ Sports, she voiced her support for the young women participating, underscoring the significance of their achievements in highlighting the strength of women in sports.

At the age of 23, Richardson is undoubtedly well-suited to bestow awards at an F1 race, having recently claimed the unofficial title of the world’s fastest woman by winning the world championship in the 100 meters in August. Her prowess in the realm of speed is beyond question.


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