VIEW: Palmeiras extends lead over Corinthians, World Cup aside

Photo of Palmeiras wins brazilian title 2023.

Palmeiras had more titles than Corinthians in the 20th century. What fuels envy from my club’s main rival is not just the historical titles but also the promising future Palmeiras now possesses. In the past century, both clubs faced turmoil, with figures like Mustafá Contursi and Alberto Dualib sharing similar characteristics.

During that era, success often correlated with sponsorships like Parmalat and MSI injecting funds for player signings. The 21st century saw Corinthians achieving unprecedented success, notably with their first Libertadores title. It was a moment of glory, etching their name in history.

Meanwhile, Palmeiras embarked on a prolific journey, collecting titles with the ease of assembling a sticker album. The trophy gallery of Palmeiras began to outshine that of Corinthians, marking a turning point in their age-old rivalry. Palmeiras emerged as a dominant force, accumulating titles effortlessly and surpassing Corinthians’ trophy cabinet.

What sets Palmeiras apart now is not just the glittering trophy collection but its exemplary management, financial stability, and the ability to attract top-tier players. In contrast, Corinthians grapples with chaos. Given the choice, I would trade a Club World Cup for the present and, more importantly, the future that Palmeiras currently enjoys.

The widening gap between Palmeiras and Corinthians goes beyond the realm of titles and transcends the fervor of World Cup aspirations. Palmeiras’ ascendancy is rooted in a well-orchestrated blend of strategic management, financial prudence, and on-field success. As Corinthians grapples with internal challenges, the question that looms large is whether they can stem the tide and restore balance to this iconic Brazilian football rivalry. Only time will unveil the next chapter in this enthralling saga.


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