Coco Gauff: Style Mastery and Grand Slam Success

Photo of Coco Gauff in her fashion style.

Sporting her unique New Balance Coco CG1 shoes and donning the well-timed “Call Me Champion” shirt at the US Open, the American made an undoubtedly fashionable statement; Coco Gauff Redefines Norms with Style in a Pivotal Year.

Coco Gauff displayed notable progress in the latter part of the 2023 season, clinching victories in Washington D.C., Cincinnati, and the US Open—achieving her first-ever Grand Slam win—during an unforgettable North American summer.

However, her influence extended beyond the tennis court throughout the year, drawing attention for her unique sense of style. Recently named the most marketable female tennis player globally and the highest-earning female athlete in 2023, Gauff made a stylish impact on the global stage, partly attributed to an exclusive partnership with the renowned sportswear brand, New Balance.

In the preceding year, she unveiled her debut signature shoe in collaboration with the Boston-based brand, introducing the “Coco CG1” footwear ahead of the US Open. As the lone active player on the tour with a personalized signature shoe, Gauff’s design distinguished itself with the CG1’s distinctive basketball-inspired high-top profile, trendy color variations and releases, and personalized details incorporated into each pair.

Gauff, speaking to Baseline, expressed her appreciation, saying, “I feel very fortunate that New Balance is giving me this opportunity, and I’m very thankful for that. People who buy the product can sense when a player invests their all into something. I think that’s what makes it special with me and the relationship I have with New Balance.”

In the present year, Gauff has expanded her collection with new CG1 designs, debuting the off-court model in vibrant neon yellow, known as “Fuzzy Ace.” These shoes emulate the look and texture of a tennis ball, featuring hairy suede uppers and white leather details. Gauff also surprised fans with a Halloween-themed black-on-purple “Spooky Season” colorway, reflecting her love for the American holiday.

Other notable designs include the chic blue and green “Twisted Net,” designed to stand out against the terre battue at Roland Garros, and the throwback “New Vintage,” inspired by the classic New Balance 650s for Wimbledon.

Upon her arrival in New York City, the 19-year-old Gauff found herself in the midst of an impressive winning streak, attracting global attention. This positioned the US Open as the perfect stage for Gauff to showcase her talents and for sponsor New Balance to introduce some of the most captivating apparel of the year.

The “City Brights” collection featured a lively neon yellow crop top and skirt that seamlessly blended with the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, a maroon colorway, personally selected by Gauff’s mother Candi to complement her skin tone, was included in the collection. The ensemble was complemented with a matching pair of Coco CG1s.

Gauff expressed her preference for the US Open doubles kit, stating, “I honestly liked the US Open doubles kit that I played in… I really liked that. I think I liked the maroon. I think I liked the neon kit more than the maroon, but I wore the maroon during the day.” Following triumphs over Caroline Wozniacki, Jelena Ostapenko, and Karolina Muchova, Gauff advanced to the US Open final. Behind the scenes, New Balance was gearing up to once again capture the audience’s attention.

Facing the incoming world No. 1 Aryna Sabalenka, the teenager mounted a comeback in the final, securing victory with a scoreline of 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. In the emotional post-match scenes, cameras captured Gauff’s team donning commemorative white t-shirts with the inscription “Call Me Coco”—with “Coco” crossed out and replaced with “Champion.”

This reference harked back to New Balance’s inaugural US Open campaign with Gauff in 2019 when the brand introduced the tennis world to the 15-year-old prodigy. At that time, fans were uncertain whether to refer to her as “Cori,” her given name, or “Coco,” her nickname. New Balance, Gauff’s apparel sponsor since the age of 14, promptly clarified the matter with a simple yet memorable t-shirt and a slogan that also adorned Gauff’s shoes. When Gauff clinched victory in the tournament four years later, the company reissued the same shirts with a crucial update, marking one of the most seamlessly executed Grand Slam marketing moments in recent history.

Off the tennis court, fans have had the opportunity to witness more of Gauff’s youthful and stylish fashion, especially during the teenager’s media tour following her success at the US Open.

Gauff embraced “Barbiecore” fashion with a vibrant fuchsia-pink outfit for an on-site photoshoot at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on the evening of her victory. The American tennis sensation also documented her media appearances on morning shows through Instagram, sharing images of herself in an elegant emerald green dress with a high neck during a photoshoot at The Peninsula New York.

Later in the season, Gauff once again drew attention, this time at the WTA Finals players’ party in Cancun. Despite the initial directive for players to don all-white attire, aligning with the atmosphere of the Mexican resort town, Gauff interpreted the dress code with flair. She wore Cult Gaia’s Silvia dress in off-white linen, featuring side cutouts adorned with red faux-coral.


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