Coco Gauff Dominates in Opening Match

Photo of Coco Gauff taking spectacular progrss in Australian Open.

In her first Grand Slam appearance as a titleholder, Coco Gauff, ranked No. 4, delivered a commanding performance. The U.S. Open champion decisively overcame Slovakia’s Anna Karolina Schmiedlova, securing her place in the second round with a score of 6-3, 6-0.

Sharing her thoughts on the match, Gauff stated on the court, “I believe I performed well in my returns, and I improved my serve towards the latter part of the game. Schmiedlova is a challenging opponent, but I’m pleased with how I managed my emotions today.”

Gauff, at the age of 19, attributes her refined serve to offseason training with former U.S. Open champion Andy Roddick in Charlotte, N.C. She expressed confidence in continuing to rely on her serve, emphasizing the offseason work she put in.

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Gauff acknowledged Roddick’s expertise, recognizing him as one of the best servers in tennis history, particularly on the American side. According to the WTA, Gauff commented, “I don’t think I could have found a better person to assist me with that aspect.”

Gauff continues her undefeated run in 2024, now boasting a 6-0 record after a successful title defense in Auckland, New Zealand last week.

Reflecting on her performance, Gauff shared, “I’m convinced that my best tennis shines through when I adopt an aggressive approach to my serves. The concern isn’t primarily about the speed of my serve but more about why I’m not going for it more frequently. I’m actively focusing on being more assertive with my serves, aiming to sustain that aggressive mindset. I’ve recognized that I deliver my optimal performance when I embrace this approach.”


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