Venus Williams Recognized by Cultured Magazine

Photo of Venus Williams recognized by cultured Magazine.

Recognized as one of the inaugural selections for the ‘Cult 100,’ a distinction reserved for individuals who contribute to the world’s allure, Venus Williams is celebrated by Cultured magazine for her significant cultural impact, extending beyond the tennis court.

Since its inception in 2011, Cultured magazine has established itself as a leading authority on inspiration and a reliable avenue for exploration in the realms of art, design, and style. The magazine’s selections for this accolade are guided by a commitment to these principles.

According to Cultured, honorees, regardless of their field, embody traits such as active listening, passionate pursuit of their interests, and unwavering authenticity, even in the face of adversity. They collectively advocate for a slower, more unconventional, and intimate world, pushing back against the dominance of algorithm-driven culture and enriching the global landscape.

Among luminaries like Gwyneth Paltrow, Bowen Yang, and Amy Poehler, Venus Williams’ acknowledgment extends to her diverse off-court ventures, notably her recent foray into interior design with her A.I.-based firm, Palazzo.

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While blending her deep-rooted love for art with cutting-edge technology, Williams acknowledges the challenges of launching the company. Nonetheless, she draws parallels between overcoming challenges on the court and maintaining resilience in her off-court endeavors.

“In my journey, I’ve encountered significant challenges. Recognizing my strengths and maintaining faith in my ability to excel at the highest level has been crucial in overcoming those obstacles,” she noted.

When prompted to consider her impact on culture, Williams emphasized two pivotal elements of her professional life: her advocacy for equal prize money in women’s tennis and the diverse range of off-court pursuits facilitated by her athletic success.

“While I take great pride in my accomplishments on the tennis court, I find even deeper fulfillment in my ventures beyond the sport,” she conveyed. “Since the early stages of my career, I’ve leveraged my platform to foster positive change, whether through my performance in tennis or through my design firm, V Starr.

“I like to think that my dedication to advocating for fairness—and my role as an advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women—has served as a source of inspiration for the next generation.”


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