Coco Gauff’s Serena-Inspired Aussie Open Look

Photo of Coco Gauff new look at Australian Open.

Coco Gauff, the reigning US Open champion, is poised to make a statement in Melbourne with her newly revealed kit for the upcoming Australian Open, sparking discussions among tennis enthusiasts. Even the American tennis prodigy found herself ensnared by a viral fake quote about her New Balance outfit, but the unique reinterpretation of a classic style is distinctly Coco.

Following her victorious campaign in New York where she sported a neon tennis-ball-inspired ensemble, New Balance has crafted a daring look for Gauff. The latest iteration of her signature Coco CG1 shoe, named “Primary Power,” takes inspiration from traditional primary colors such as blue and yellow, accentuated with splashes of red against a timeless white background.

Jane Park, the New Balance apparel designer, described the design in an interview with Forbes, stating, “The nostalgic use of primary colors and contrast trims maintains the authenticity of tennis spirit with a modern twist, specifically tailored to Coco. Our aim was to imbue her with a confident on-court appearance that makes her feel exceptional.”

Alongside the CG1 colorway, New Balance unveiled two coordinating on-court ensembles. One showcases Gauff’s recognizable crop top and skort combination in yellow with a touch of blue along the hem, while the other reverses the color scheme with blue and a contrasting yellow.

The skort incorporates exposed elastic and mesh inserts at the waistline, forming a criss-cross pattern that enhances the visual appeal of the curved crop top—a youthful and distinctive touch that impeccably captures Coco’s style, as emphasized by the designers at New Balance.

However, within the online sphere, tennis enthusiasts swiftly drew comparisons to a different ensemble: Serena Williams’ Nike outfit from the 2016 Australian Open. Serena donned a yellow crop top and skirt with contrasting hems as she progressed to the final in Melbourne, where she eventually lost to Angelique Kerber.

Memes inundated X, previously known as Twitter, with a notable post featuring a lighthearted fictional quote that successfully tricked even Coco Gauff herself. User Cas (@AO_SW19) wrote, “With this kit, I definitely wanted to channel my inner Serena,” accompanied by a side-by-side comparison of the outfits. “She is an inspiration on and off the court, so this one is for her… it even has the lil crop top she had [giggles].”

Despite the user’s bio advising against taking things seriously, the tweet amassed thousands of interactions and widespread sharing before Gauff stumbled upon it. “You had me fooled 😭 I even sent the tweet to my agent and I was like ‘I don’t remember ever saying this?'” Gauff confessed to her followers.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, (y’all) know I love Serena (but) it wasn’t inspired by her kit,” Gauff clarified. “She is a fashion queen (though)!! I just literally thought I was going crazy for two mins hahaha 😂”

As New Balance cements its ties to tennis, the Boston-based sportswear giant recently secured the role of the official performance apparel and footwear sponsor for the Australian Open, starting on Sunday, January 15. Gauff, positioned as the No. 3 seed, will be aiming for her second Grand Slam title.


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