Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami Contract Details Revealed

Photo of Messi along with Inter Miami Leaders

Messi along with Inter Miami Leaders.

Lionel Messi Set to Earn a Staggering Sum in the United States, Alongside Additional Incentives in MLS. Messi is on the verge of joining Inter Miami on a free transfer following the expiration of his contract with PSG. Jorge Mas, co-owner of the MLS team, has provided details about Messi’s earnings in the United States.

Mas disclosed that Apple and Adidas played significant roles in convincing Messi to choose Inter Miami over his preferred destination of Barcelona or a move to Saudi Arabia. In an interview with Spanish outlet El Pais, Mas stated that Messi’s salary at Inter Miami will range between $50-$60 million per season, which is reportedly lower than what was offered by Saudi Arabia.

It was reported that Lionel Messi rejected an offer from the Middle East that amounted to around $550 million per season. Instead, he chose to head to the United States, as Saudi Arabia was never seen as a likely destination for him to conclude his football career. Jorge Mas, Inter Miami’s co-owner, shared additional details, stating that once Messi retires, he will receive shares in the club.

Furthermore, Messi will also benefit from a share of the MLS’s global broadcasting rights on Apple TV and the revenue from the club’s Adidas kit. Mas revealed the extensive efforts he put into finalizing the deal, including numerous conversations with Messi’s father, Jorge.

The negotiations were concluded at the end of May after approximately a year and a half of intensive work. David Beckham, another co-owner of Inter Miami, engaged in discussions with Messi solely about soccer matters, ensuring that he did not feel pressured during the process.

“We have had discussions in various locations such as Barcelona, Miami, Rosario, and Doha. I even spent the entire World Cup in Qatar, closely watching Argentina’s matches. “The agreement with Apple was crucial in finalizing the deal. Our conversations with Apple have been progressing well, and our interests are aligning.

If soccer continues to thrive in the United States, Messi will reap the rewards. “On the other hand, Beckham shared his experience of being inundated with messages after the announcement of Messi’s transfer, as his phone was bombarded with notifications.

During the ‘Lessons in Leadership’ seminar, Beckham shared his excitement about the overwhelming response he received after the news broke. He revealed, “A few weeks ago, I woke up to an influx of messages on my phone.

I was taken aback and wondered what had happened because I don’t usually receive such a massive number of messages. Suddenly, I learned that Leo had announced his decision to come to Miami. Although it wasn’t a surprise to me, it was still incredible.”

Beckham emphasized his commitment to bringing the best players to Miami at any stage of their careers. He stated, “Right from the start, I have always stated that if I had the opportunity to bring the finest players in the sport to Miami, I would do it. I made this promise to our fans.

Therefore, when I heard that one of the best, if not the best player, who has achieved everything in the game and is still performing at an exceptional level, wants to play for my team, it is an immense moment for us.”


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