Mbappe Lavish Lifestyle: From Luxurious Home to Private Jet

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Mbappe’s PSG Remuneration: At present, Kylian Mbappe, the standout of PSG, holds the distinction of being the world’s second-highest-earning footballer. This financial feat is solely attributed to his agreement with PSG.

Mbappe’s PSG Earnings: As a standout personality within PSG, Kylian Mbappe currently ranks as the second-highest-paid footballer globally. His weekly income of £893,000 is solely derived from his PSG engagement, while additional revenue comes from brand sales, sponsorships, endorsements, and investments. Reports suggest his net worth has surged to £124 million. However, in comparison to many peers, Mbappe’s spending habits seem noticeably restrained.


When inquired about his main expenses, Mbappe disclosed, “My most significant allocation? A splendid house, given its immense significance for my family.” He owns a split-level duplex that spans 6,400 square feet in the most luxurious part of Paris. The monthly rent he pays for this exquisite apartment exceeds £32,500.

This lavish dwelling boasts an impressive array of amenities, comprising 12 bedrooms, a gym, a Turkish bath, a basketball court, a library, and a balcony featuring a jacuzzi that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. This is where Mbappe and his family reside. Moreover, he possesses a family residence in Monaco and an additional property in Paris, valued at over an astonishing £8 million.


Differing from many of his fellow soccer icons, Mbappe’s collection of extravagant sports cars, such as Ferraris or Lamborghinis, is notably restrained. However, he possesses a Mercedes V Class assessed at around £130,000, a Mercedes-Benz GLE valued at approximately £65,000, and an Audi A6 Avant which holds an approximate value of £49,000.

Mbappe also derives enjoyment from customizing and refining his automobiles. As a result, apart from these high-end vehicles, he has introduced modifications to an all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 and a Volkswagen Tiguan SUV. These vehicles are frequently noticed as the player takes them for a spin.

Personal Aircraft

Although Mbappe doesn’t own his own private jet, he does opt to rent a Challenger 350, which falls under the category of a corporate jet. The cost for enjoying the luxury of this mode of transportation goes beyond £5700 per hour. Initially, the player had the intention of including this expense as part of his salary.

It’s been reported that during his contract discussions with PSG in 2018, he attempted to negotiate a provision for covering 50 hours of annual jet travel costs, but this endeavor wasn’t successful. Nonetheless, his present earnings allow him to manage this expenditure out of his own pocket.

Recreational Trips

Kylian Mbappe harbors a strong affinity for exploring different parts of the world and reuniting with his friends, as evidenced by his captured moments. Notable instances comprise his meet-ups with PSG comrade Achraf Hakimi in Morocco and the camaraderie he shares with compatriot French national team member Karim Benzema in Greece.

Mbappe’s passion for basketball also draws him to the other side of the Atlantic, where he frequents the United States during the summer months. He even made appearances at the 2022 NBA draft and attended an LAFC match in the preceding year.

Humanitarian Work

Mbappe is widely recognized for his robust engagement in altruistic undertakings. For instance, following France’s triumph in the 2018 World Cup, he allocated his complete £400,000 earnings from the competition to charitable initiatives. Moreover, he founded his own charitable foundation named ‘Inspired by KM,’ with a focus on assisting underprivileged youth from Paris in pursuing a football-oriented future.

Notably, he made substantial contributions to support the Abbe Pierre Foundation’s endeavors in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, he actively participated in fundraising efforts for the search operations related to the late footballer Emiliano Sala.

Opulent Holdings

Mbappe serves as an ambassador for a variety of prestigious brands such as Nike, EA Sports, Dior, Oakley, and PlayStation. Furthermore, he holds a prominent position as the face of the distinguished Swiss luxury watch label Hublot. He has been noticed possessing an array of these lavish items.

To illustrate, there was a specific occasion when he was seen donning a Spirit of Big Bang wristwatch from the Hublot lineup, which carried a value of £76,000 and showcased a captivating design featuring a gold rainbow motif.


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