Neymar patches things up with Paris Saint-Germain

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The summer has been a tumultuous period for Paris Saint-Germain. While the French club has seen an influx of new players, it has also bid farewell to some well-known figures from recent years, including the Brazilian striker Neymar.

Neymar, who was signed by PSG for a staggering 222 million euros from FC Barcelona in the summer of 2017, has now left Paris after featuring in 173 games and netting 118 goals. This summer’s transfer window holds significant importance, as it also witnessed the departure of the legendary Argentinian player Lionel Messi, who joined Inter Miami after the expiration of his contract.

During his vacation in Brazil, Neymar granted an exclusive interview to Globe for the Esporte Espetacular program. In this interview, he delved into several key topics from the past year, including his ankle injury, his disappointment at the World Cup in Qatar, and his move from Paris Saint-Germain to Saudi Arabia.

“I’ve consistently embraced authenticity throughout my career; I’ve never shied away from anything. I’ve always been candid. While I’ve made mistakes at various points in my career, I’ve always strived to do things correctly and in the right manner.

Certainly, we all stumble along the way, but my aspiration is to be remembered as a genuine player who consistently made a difference wherever I played. That’s tremendously fulfilling for me,” Neymar conveyed in the interview.

Nonetheless, the most captivating part of the interview revolves around Paris Saint-Germain, particularly his relationship with Lionel Messi during their final season together in the French capital.

Neymar supports Messi in a defensive stance!

Facing frequent taunts and criticism from specific Paris Saint-Germain fans and the French media, the rapport between Neymar and certain players from PSG and French football hasn’t always been harmonious. The Brazilian forward had a challenging final season, mirroring the experiences of Lionel Messi.

Neymar explained, “I had conflicting feelings about the year he had. On one hand, I was elated for him, considering his achievements with the Argentina national team, where he won everything in recent years. On the other hand, it was also a sorrowful period because he encountered the downside.

In Paris, both he and I underwent trying times. We shared a sense of frustration because our intentions were clear – to give our utmost, win championships, and etch our names in history. That’s why we reunited, to leave a lasting legacy. Regrettably, we couldn’t realize that ambition.”

As an Inter Miami player now, Messi’s departure from Paris Saint-Germain was far from ideal. He faced disapproval from fans during the championship celebration last May, and his exit didn’t do justice to his standing in the football world, as per Neymar’s perspective. Neymar remarked, “Messi’s exit from PSG didn’t befit a player of his caliber.

Understanding his work ethic and fierce competitive spirit, he’s someone who trains diligently, plays with great passion, and feels the sting of defeat deeply. In my view, he faced unjust criticism.

Nevertheless, I was overjoyed by his World Cup victory. As you noted, it was a just outcome in terms of football justice, especially after the Brazilian team’s elimination. Messi deserved to conclude his career on such a high note.” Nevertheless, both Messi and Neymar carry a lingering sense of disappointment from their shared history at Paris Saint-Germain, as Messi made contentious remarks about Paris following his move to Miami.


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