Serena Williams: Just 5% of Britons Believe They Can Beat Her

Photo of Serena Williams

Serena Williams.

Despite Serena Williams being widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, a surprisingly high number of individuals in Britain believe they would be able to score a point against her or even defeat her.

As Wimbledon begins, many casual fans suddenly consider themselves experts on the sport, particularly when it involves British players. It is not uncommon to hear criticisms from fans, including remarks about missed shots that they perceive as relatively easy. Fans have also expressed their dissatisfaction with this year’s draw, with some claiming that the women’s side of the competition was manipulated or rigged in some way.

The retirement of Serena Williams last year has led to a more open women’s tour, although she later expressed the possibility of a comeback. Throughout her career, Williams has achieved great success at the All England tennis club, winning the singles title on seven occasions and securing six doubles titles at SW19, in addition to one mixed doubles title. British fans have had numerous opportunities to witness her remarkable skills on the famous grass courts, including her gold medal win in singles at the 2012 Olympics.

Despite Williams’ impressive track record, a significant number of people in Britain remain confident in their ability to compete against her. According to a survey conducted by Bonus Code Bets, 26% of occasional sports players believe they could win a point against her, and another 4% of non-sports participants share the same sentiment. In addition, a staggering 5% of respondents firmly believe that they could take at least 48 points off Serena Williams and defeat her in a one-on-one match.

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This belief is nothing short of delusional, considering that even male players have not been able to overcome the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion. In a remarkable display of her skill, Williams once played against five men simultaneously, and despite not giving her full effort, they were unable to win a single point from her. It is worth noting that this optimistic mindset is predominantly observed among men when it comes to facing women tennis players.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 7% of regular sports players believe they could defeat any player currently ranked in the women’s top 10. In 2017, John McEnroe famously claimed that if Serena Williams were to compete on the men’s tour instead of the women’s, she would only be ranked around 700th in the world.


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