USADA tests Sha’Carri Richardson during Nike’s Paris shoot

Photo of Sha'Carri Richardson during Nike's Paris Shoot while tested by USADA.

After the doping scandal, Sha’Carri Richardson reignites an old bond. Once soaring in 2021, her Tokyo Olympics hopes were shattered by doping allegations. Despite pleading with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), she was suspended. Nevertheless, Sha’Carri Richardson has emerged as a fervent advocate for equitable participation in track and field.

Yet, she criticized USADA’s new anti-doping policy. Currently in Paris for a Nike photoshoot amid Olympic excitement, she faces another round of anti-doping tests under the revised regulations. However, her reaction this time carries a different tone.

While celebrating the unveiling of her Nike statue in Paris, the reigning 100m champion shared glimpses of her testing process on Instagram, captioning it “Clean Sports [emoji].” Earlier, even during Easter festivities, Sha’Carri Richardson underwent testing, keeping her followers informed through social media. How did she respond to this recent test?

As seen on her Instagram story, the 24-year-old appeared upbeat despite any discomfort during the demanding testing process. The only downside might be the timing of these tests coinciding with Sha’Carri’s celebration of her noteworthy journey with Nike. However, this sudden doping test is likely a result of the implementation of new policies that Sha’Carri had criticized.

Last year, USADA introduced several new elements to the whereabouts program as part of their anti-doping measures. Under the updated regulations, athletes must keep testers informed of their whereabouts to facilitate out-of-competition drug tests.

This system enables USADA or World Athletics to easily locate athletes for testing purposes. However, athletes risk penalties if they fail to provide three whereabouts updates as stipulated by the rules. Considering this aspect, Sha’Carri Richardson expressed her dissatisfaction with the decision.

The athlete from Dallas expressed her opinion, stating, “I don’t think this update was designed with the athlete’s well-being in mind, especially during such a crucial Olympic year. We shouldn’t have additional burdens added to our plates unnecessarily.” However, she seems to have grown more accepting of the policy over time, remaining steadfast in her dedication to upholding fairness in the sport.


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