Billy N. declares M. Bakole will easily defeat Deontay Wilder

Photo of Deontay Wilder expressing anger

Deontay Wilder expressing anger.

Amidst the prolonged negotiations for the WBC final eliminator between Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz Jr. Billy Nelson, trainer of Martin Bakole, fearlessly proposes Wilder to contemplate facing Bakole instead. Nelson is confident that Bakole would prove to be a formidable opponent for the former heavyweight champion.

Trainer Billy Nelson confirms that Martin Bakole eagerly embraces the opportunity to confront Deontay Wilder, with the aim of securing a heavyweight title bout. Bakole holds a strong conviction in his preparedness to challenge the formidable ‘Bronze Bomber’ in the near future. During an interview with Sky Sports, Trainer Billy Nelson asserts that Martin Bakole is fully willing to take on Wilder in case the proposed bout between Wilder and Andy Ruiz does not materialize.

Sky Sports also provides a diverse range of boxing content, such as Naoya Inoue’s remarkable triumph over Stephen Fulton and Florian Marku’s commitment to facing Dylan Moran, aiming for a knockout victory. “Wilder’s desire is to take on the best, so let’s organize a showdown between the top two fighters in the WBA rankings.

The event could be held in America as a pay-per-view spectacle, and the victorious contender would move on to a world title bout. “With both contenders showcasing their formidable knockout abilities throughout their careers, the potential fight holds the promise of an explosive encounter. Nelson, who staunchly stands behind his boxer, radiates unwavering belief in Martin Bakole’s capabilities against the former champion.

He confidently declares, “Martin will triumph over Deontay Wilder. His exceptional skills will ultimately lead him to victory. “Since his defeat against US Olympian Michael Hunter in 2018, Bakole has been steadily improving, achieving victory in eight consecutive fights. Currently holding a record of 19-1, he has secured 14 wins by knockout, including a third-round stoppage of Ihor Shevadzutskyi in April.

In contrast, Deontay Wilder is renowned for his ability to deliver devastating finishes. With an impressive 42 stoppage victories out of 43 wins in his 46-fight career, he has earned a fearsome reputation in the world of boxing.

Despite suffering back-to-back losses to WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, Wilder is determined to stay active and is eagerly incorporating the teachings of his new head trainer, Malik Scott. Scott joined Wilder’s corner for the first time during the third bout with Fury, and their second collaboration took place in October, resulting in Wilder’s emphatic knockout victory over Robert Helenius in the first round.

A potential clash between Bakole and Wilder appears imminent. Both boxers hold the top two spots in the WBA rankings, and the winner of their bout could secure the chance to challenge the victor of the upcoming Oleksandr Usyk vs. Daniel Dubois fight, scheduled for next month. The WBC has also instructed Wilder to face former champion Andy Ruiz in an eliminator for the title currently held by Fury.

However, no agreement has been reached between Wilder and Ruiz for that contest, creating an opening for Bakole to step in. Following his recent fight, Bakole eagerly expressed his desire to take on prominent opponents such as Dillian Whyte, Daniel Dubois, Oleksandr Usyk, and particularly Deontay Wilder. He confidently stated, “I call people out because I know I can stop them!”

BOXXER promoter Ben Shalom recognized Bakole’s exceptional skills and background, suggesting that other fighters might be evading facing him. Shalom is committed to ensuring Bakole receives rightful opportunities and mandatory challenges, firmly believing that a matchup with Wilder is the perfect next step for Bakole’s career.


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