Anthony Joshua Makes History with First Knockdown of Ngannou

Photo of the match Antony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou.

Anthony Joshua made history on Friday night by scoring the first knockdown of Francis Ngannou‘s career in their highly-anticipated bout in Saudi Arabia. Joshua then secured the win by defeating the former UFC heavyweight champion in the second round.

Despite expectations of a close match, particularly after Ngannou’s strong debut in the sport against world champion Tyson Fury, Joshua dominated the fight. He managed to knock down his opponent in both the first and second rounds before delivering a definitive knockout, leaving Ngannou requiring oxygen.

Joshua’s victory has led to speculation about his next opponent, with many suggesting he will face the winner of the upcoming Fury versus Oleksandr Usyk bout for the undisputed title, as per their contractual agreements.

Following his defeat on Friday, Ngannou expressed uncertainty about his choice between Joshua and Fury, stating, “I don’t know, I would give it to AJ for right now.”

Considering Ngannou’s perspective, reports has reached out to the other shared opponents of Joshua and Fury – Kevin Johnson, Dillian Whyte, Otto Wallin, and Wladimir Klitschko – to gather their opinions on the potential outcome of the Battle of Britain clash.

Throughout his career, Kevin Johnson has faced tough opponents like Kubrat Pulev, Dereck Chisora, Manuel Charr, Christian Hammer, and Andy Ruiz. Yet, his matches against Anthony Joshua and Fury stand out the most. Having fought Joshua in 2015 and Fury in 2012, he faced defeat against both. When asked to evaluate the two fighters and predict the outcome of a potential bout between them, Johnson shared his thoughts with iFL TV:

Tyson Fury possesses a distinctive quality that many fighters find challenging to counter. It’s not just his skill; Anthony Joshua is clearly the more technically proficient boxer. However, Fury’s remarkable reach and agility give him a defensive edge. He managed to make Wladimir Klitschko, a seasoned veteran, seem amateurish.

Fury’s success isn’t solely due to superior skill; it’s widely known that Klitschko had the capability to knock him out. However, overcoming Fury’s reach is comparable to confronting someone armed with a sniper rifle while being twenty yards away.

Dillian Whyte is poised to return to the ring this weekend following an “adverse analytical finding” discovered in his pre-fight drug test prior to his rematch with Joshua last August.

The prospect of a rematch between Whyte and Anthony Joshua remains uncertain, especially given Whyte’s loss to Joshua in their sole professional encounter, despite previously defeating him in amateur competition.

Whyte, also known as “The Body Snatcher,” is keen for a rematch with Anthony Joshua in the professional ranks, particularly after being knocked out by a powerful right uppercut in the seventh round of their previous bout.

In April 2022, Whyte faced off against Fury at Wembley, aiming to strip the Gypsy King of his WBC belt. However, Fury dominated the match, winning round after round before ultimately stopping Whyte in the sixth.

Reflecting on a potential clash between Anthony Joshua and Fury, Whyte stated, “In heavyweight boxing, anything can happen. Who would have predicted Hasim Rahman or Oliver McCall knocking out Lennox Lewis? It’s unpredictable.” He highlighted Fury’s victory over Klitschko and Antony Joshua’s rematch with Ruiz as examples of their adaptability.

Predicting the outcome of the Anthony Joshua vs. Fury bout is challenging, with various factors at play. Whyte emphasized that only true fans of each fighter could confidently predict the winner, as it remains a subject of debate among boxing enthusiasts.

In November 2015, Tyson Fury achieved a remarkable victory over Wladimir Klitschko, claiming the heavyweight championship title in a surprising upset.

Despite being the underdog against Klitschko, Fury managed to disrupt him with his pre-fight antics and then dominated him in the ring.

Seventeen months later, Klitschko faced Anthony Joshua in a highly anticipated match at Wembley Stadium, witnessed by a crowd of 90,000 spectators. The fight was intense, with both fighters hitting the canvas at different moments. Ultimately, Joshua emerged as the victor.

In the later rounds of the fight, Joshua rallied and delivered a decisive blow in the 11th round, knocking Klitschko down twice and prompting the referee to stop the fight.

Regarding the forthcoming showdown between Anthony Joshua and Fury, Klitschko voiced his support for Joshua, stating unequivocally, “Hands down Joshua.” He commended Joshua’s overall skill set, encompassing technical prowess, size, weight, power, and ability to learn. Klitschko also offered a critical assessment of Fury, likening him to a transient presence that fades away quickly.

Throughout boxing history, there have been many instances of individuals fitting this description. While they might enjoy temporary success, their inability to maintain discipline often leads to their downfall. While I extend my best wishes to Tyson, I must emphasize the importance of discipline over motivation. Drawing from my own experiences, I foresee Tyson encountering considerable obstacles due to this lack of discipline.

Otto Wallin fought against Fury in September 2019, initially planned as a temporary opponent while Fury awaited a rematch with Deontay Wilder. However, the fight turned out to be a challenging moment for Fury.

During the bout, Wallin landed a significant punch on Fury, causing a large cut above his right eye that required 47 stitches. Despite the injury, Fury persisted and ultimately won the fight through a hard-fought points decision.

In contrast, AJ faced Wallin on December 23 during the Day of Reckoning event in Saudi Arabia last year. Joshua adopted an aggressive approach from the outset, dominating Wallin and prompting his corner to throw in the towel after five rounds.

When discussing the potential matchup between Anthony Joshua and Fury, Wallin told Boxing News, “I would say that the fight with Joshua was much tougher than my bout with Fury.”

It’s challenging to foresee the result of a Fury versus Joshua match. Fury has displayed impressive skills, and his recent performance provides some insight into his current form. The upcoming bout appears intriguing.

Anthony Joshua, under the guidance of Ben Davison, seems to be improving, and Davison’s familiarity with Tyson’s tactics adds another layer to the equation. Various factors come into play. Initially, I believed Fury would emerge victorious, but Joshua’s recent fight has given me some reservations. It’s not easy to bet against Tyson, but my perspective has slightly changed after observing Joshua’s performance.


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