Mike Tyson avoided arrest by giving a Lamborghini

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Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson is celebrated for his boxing prowess and extravagant way of life, along with his strong fondness for supercars. Over the course of his career, he possessed numerous cars, but what truly captures attention is his remarkable act of giving away more than 17 of them. Among those vehicles was a 90’s Lamborghini Diablo valued at $220,000, which he generously presented to a police officer. Unfortunately, this grand gesture led to an unfortunate outcome, as the officer faced the loss of his job.

At the height of his career, Tyson accumulated an astonishing $400 million. Unfortunately, he recklessly spent nearly all of this fortune during his younger years, resulting in bankruptcy. Mike Tyson candidly shared how this overwhelming wealth made him feel unhappy.

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Despite facing financial difficulties, Tyson still flaunted his wealth and utilized it to attract women to his company. While this approach might have been successful in attracting women, it did create complications for the police officer involved.

Mike Tyson discloses the story behind a $220,000 Lamborghini that resulted in a police officer’s termination

Famous for his superstitious beliefs, Mike Tyson’s coach, Cus A’Damato, would often take him to a hypnotist. During an appearance on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show, Tyson recounted an incident when he was pulled over by a police officer. In an unusual decision, he chose to give his car to the officer as a means to evade any potential legal repercussions.

Tyson acknowledged the possibility of it being one of those situations, but he clarified that the car itself wasn’t exactly the same. His intention was to avoid arrest, so he decided to offer the car to the officer.

However, Tyson rejected the notion that it was a bribe, as he later called the police station to reclaim his car, realizing it wasn’t worth the consequences. Subsequently, the officer was fired, and Tyson emphasized that such actions involving bribes are not acceptable.

During his appearance on the show, Tyson donned a T-shirt that displayed him posing with his $220,000 Lamborghini. This piqued Kimmel’s interest, prompting him to inquire about the car. Tyson then recounted the story of how this act led to the officer losing his job. However, it’s worth noting that this wasn’t the only instance when Tyson gave away a car.

Tyson has gained fame for his tendency to generously give away cars to people

During his entire career, Tyson bestowed around 17 cars as gifts to others. While appearing on the Graham Bensinger show, Tyson openly shared his proclivity for giving away automobiles. Tyson explained that his inclination to give away cars is simply a reflection of how he has lived his life.

He attributed this behavior to his addictive personality, ego, and the experiences of growing up poor, feeling bitter, and dealing with anger during his time in prison. These various factors have contributed to his generous nature with giving away cars and other things.

Although Tyson’s notorious behavior resulted in a substantial loss of assets and fortune, it also played a part in driving him to new heights in his career. Coming from difficult and modest origins, Tyson achieved remarkable success in both sports and financial freedom.

Despite the setback of losing his wealth, Tyson chose to transform his life and ventured into entrepreneurship, striving to regain his lost riches.


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