Fury vs. Usyk bout on DAZN USA’s pay-per-view is set at $69.99

Photo of Fury and Usky gear up for their upcoming game.

U.S. fans are facing a financial dilemma with the announced price of $69.99 for the ‘Ring of Fire’ event, featuring heavyweight champions Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury on February 17th at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, available on DAZN PPV.

Is the Price Warranted? The substantial cost of $69.99 might be acceptable if boxing enthusiasts were not already committed to monthly or yearly subscription fees for DAZN. With fans currently paying $224.99 annually or $19.99 monthly for their DAZN subscription, the additional fee for Fury-Usyk is raising concerns. While the typical PPV prices for U.S. events usually hover around $75, the request for an extra $69.99 on top of existing subscription fees may not sit well with fans.

The PPV expense could present a hurdle for American fans, especially as this fight may not be considered a must-watch for many, particularly those who are not as enthralled by the 35-year-old Fury as British fans are. This sentiment is exacerbated by Tyson’s controversial victory over the inexperienced Francis Ngannou last October.

That fight was illuminating, revealing the true nature of Fury and dispelling the illusions that people had about him. It became evident that he wasn’t the persona many had believed in; it was all a carefully maintained facade over the years. American boxing enthusiasts had anticipated that His Excellency Turki Alalshikh would make accessing the Fury vs. Usyk event more financially accessible without imposing substantial sacrifices. A more reasonable pricing for this event would have hovered around $30.

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If His Excellency had set the rate at that level, more U.S. fans would likely have been inclined to make a purchase, but the $69.99 price tag acts as a deterrent for many. This pricing creates a barrier for a considerable number of Americans who might otherwise tune in to watch the event.

In terms of value for money, beyond the 12-round headlining clash between Fury and Usyk in the undisputed heavyweight category on the ‘Ring of Fire’ event on February 17th, here are the undercard fights: Jai Opetai vs. Mairis Briedis in a rematch, Joe Cordina vs. Anthony Cacace in an IBF super featherweight match, and Sergiy Kovalev vs. Robin Sirwan Safar.

While the undercard does present one compelling matchup for U.S. boxing fans – the bout between former IBF cruiserweight champion Opetaia and Briedis – other matches might not elicit the same level of enthusiasm. The IBF super featherweight champion defending against Cacace might not capture the audience’s excitement, and the fight involving the 39-year-old former light heavyweight champion Kovalev against the relatively unknown Safar lacks interest.


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