Bronny James’s family split on USC enrollment after cardiac arrest

Photo of Bronny James's family after his cardiac arrest.

Following a recent cardiac arrest scare, Bronny James’ family is reportedly in disagreement regarding his enrollment at USC. The incident occurred during a practice at USC, but he received successful treatment and was later discharged from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

As class registration at USC is set to begin on Aug. 14, with classes commencing on Aug. 21, the family is now facing a crucial decision about his immediate future in basketball. Sources indicate that they are deliberating on whether he should start classes at USC in August or postpone his school requirements for the fall semester to allow for a full recovery.

Additionally, they are exploring the option of him taking classes from home to maintain his original start timeline. At the moment, the primary concern is ensuring Bronny’s complete recovery. The family is currently uncertain about what steps to take next, with differing opinions on his future.

There is also an ongoing consideration of the possibility of Bronny returning to basketball. It is crucial to emphasize that the family will rely on the advice and guidance of medical professionals when making decisions. LeBron mentioned in a tweet on Thursday that more information will be shared eventually, but, at present, they are all doing well.

Bronny James was highly regarded as a four-star recruit from Sierra Canyon high school. According to expert assessments and draft projections, he was expected to be a consensus first-round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Bronny James’s cardiac arrest scare has presented his family with a challenging decision regarding his USC enrollment. As they weigh the importance of his health against his educational aspirations, their unwavering support and love for Bronny remain evident. Regardless of the path they choose, one thing is certain – the James family’s priority is Bronny’s well-being, and they will undoubtedly do what is best for him as he continues his journey to greatness.


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