Garcia versus Spence: A Match Set to Earn Millions

Photo of Garcia vs Spence a match set to earn millions.

Promoter Bernard Hopkins believes that a potential matchup between Ryan Garcia and Errol Spence holds immense commercial potential in the world of boxing. Hopkins contends that a Garcia vs. Spence bout would deliver captivating drama similar to that of a soap opera, offering a lucrative opportunity to generate significant revenue.

In Hopkins’ view, the Garcia-Spence fight stands out as the pinnacle of entertainment value and fan appeal. He considers the only other comparable matchup to be a rematch between Garcia and Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, pending successful negotiations. However, Hopkins acknowledges that arranging such a rematch could be a time-consuming process.

According to Hopkins, any other fight for Garcia would simply serve as a means to remain active in the ring without yielding the same financial rewards. This perspective may not be well-received by Devin Haney and his father, Bill, who have expressed a desire for a rematch with Garcia. Haney’s recent loss and subsequent frustration, attributed to weight-related issues, add further complexity to the situation.

Fans show little enthusiasm for a rematch between Garcia and Haney, as duplicating the financial success of their initial bout poses a challenge due to its one-sided outcome. Bernard Hopkins, speaking on the Spitbucket Podcast, underscores the allure and marketability of a potential clash between Ryan Garcia and Errol Spence Jr.

Hopkins highlights that a matchup involving Spence offers more than just a storyline, making it highly promotable and attractive to fans. He regards Spence as a formidable adversary for any fighter and anticipates that the buildup to the bout would evoke a personal and intense atmosphere.

Hopkins advocates for fighters like Ryan to prioritize facing the top competitors in their division to maximize earnings, acknowledging Spence and Tank Davis as the premier attractions in the sport.


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