Juventus in Turmoil: Pogba Doping Suspension and Sale Rumors

Photo of Pogba

The footballer, who tested positive in a doping test after Udinese-Juve, faces 4 years of disqualification: career at risk. And meanwhile Exor denies rumors of sale of the Juventus club These are troubled days at Juventus.

While on the one hand rumors of a possible sale of the club are bouncing around, on the other hand a new thunderbolt arrives like lightning: Paul Pogba who seemed to have finally overcome his physical problems has tested positive for doping and has been suspended as a precautionary measure by the National Anti-Doping Tribunal.

Just on the day when he had revealed to the microphones of Al Jazeera all his desire to finally get back on track after having even meditated retirement. “Money changes people and it can destroy a family, it can create a war: sometimes, when I was alone, I thought ‘I don’t want to have money anymore, I don’t want to play soccer anymore’ – the words of the Octopus – and now I want to make the words of the critics come back: I want to show that I am not weak, I will never give up.”

Words and statements that already seem months old: “Traces of testosterone were detected in the checks he underwent” the news that shocked the world of Juventus and, more generally, of all soccer. The tests that ended up in the crosshairs of the investigations are those from the post-match of the first day of the championship, in Udine against the Friulani, with the Frenchman not setting foot on the pitch at the Dacia Arena.

Then, however, he took part in the challenges against Bologna and Empoli, including a disallowed goal in Tuscany against Paolo Zanetti’s Azzurri. Now light will be shed on the new, sad affair involving Pogba, which will inevitably have major repercussions on his career.

Indeed, in cases such as these, there is a real risk of a two- to four-year stop if the counter-analysis confirms the presence of testosterone, since it is not a substance prescribed by doctors. Considering that the Frenchman will blow out 31 candles next March 15, it is inevitable to make some reflections on his future.

In the meantime, “the hypotheses aired by a newspaper about the sale of Juventus are groundless”: this was clarified by a spokesperson for Exor, the Agnelli family holding company that controls the Bianconeri company. Close on the heels, then, comes an official denial of Il Giornale’s indiscretion regarding the possible sale of Juve for a figure of 1.5 billion euros.

Exor therefore nips in the bud the rumors of a possible sale of the Juventus club that have actually been bouncing around for some time, since Andrea Agnelli had resigned as president following the events of the capital gains investigation. Losses of 240 million with revenues below 600 million, moreover with a season away from the European cups, had already pushed Juve’s market men to downsize costs with many disposals and few purchases.


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