Usyk Dominates Dubois, Claims Heavyweight Titles

Photo of Usyk

With more than 40,000 fans in attendance at Poland’s Wroclaw stadium, Ukrainian boxer Alexandre Usyk effectively preserved his championship titles. He achieved this by halting English opponent Daniel Dubois in the ninth round, courtesy of the referee’s intervention.

At the Stadion Tarczynski in Wroclaw, Poland, over 40,000 spectators watched as Usyk, the reigning heavyweight champion holding the WBA, WBO, and IBF titles (36 years old, 100 kg, 1.91 m, 21 wins with 14 via knockout, 0 losses), clinched victory over his official WBA challenger, England’s Daniel Dubois (25 years old, 105 kg, 1.96 m, 19 wins with 18 by knockout, 2 losses). The decisive win came in the ninth round when the referee stopped the match on Saturday evening.

Just prior to stepping into the ring, an announcement echoed across the expansive screens within the stadium, emanating from none other than Volodymyr Zelenski, the President of Ukraine. While unable to physically attend due to the WBA-WBO-IBF champion’s invitation, Zelenski fervently expressed unwavering support, highlighting the parallel between Ukraine’s unwavering resolve and the indomitable spirit of Alexander Usyk himself.

Zelenski’s words encapsulated this sentiment: “Our collective strength, much like the potency embodied by Alexander Usyk, remains the bedrock of Ukraine’s perseverance. To all who unite with us tonight, guiding us towards triumph, I extend my heartfelt appreciation. Glory to Ukraine!”

Demonstrating unmatched technical finesse and a wealth of experience, Usyk commanded the match. His agility and rapidity thwarted his adversary’s aspirations of securing a knockout. In the fifth round, a blow targeting the belt dropped the Ukrainian fighter to the canvas. However, Puerto Rican referee Luis Pabon possibly misjudged it as a low blow.

For approximately a minute, Usyk remained grounded, summoning the resilience to regain his footing, followed by a brief interval of recuperation while upright. The contest resumed, with Dubois intensifying his efforts within the final two minutes, yet ultimately, it was the champion who concluded the bout with heightened determination.

The Ukrainian picks up the pace

While Dubois advanced, he discovered solutions, yet his hesitancy to implement them was apparent. In the seventh round, Usyk abruptly surged, seemingly in pursuit of a knockout. Although this action could be seen as a daring risk, by the close of the eighth round, he compelled his opponent to kneel.

Even as the Englishman stood again, the sound of the bell was immediate. In the ensuing ninth round, he once more brought Dubois to the canvas. Despite his recovery, the referee intervened to halt the match.

Considering both strategic rationale and financial incentives, it is logical that Usyk’s upcoming bout should ideally involve another English contender, Tyson Fury (35 years old, 2.06 m, 33 wins with 24 by knockout, 1 draw, 0 losses), the current WBC titleholder. To facilitate this potential showdown, Frank Warren, the promoter for both Dubois and Fury, engaged in discussions with Ukrainian promoter Alex Krassyuk on Friday.

However, should these negotiations fall through, the IBF will apply pressure for Usyk to face their endorsed contender, Croatian boxer Filip Hrgovic (31 years old, 1.98 m, 16 wins with 13 by knockout, 0 losses).


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