Mbappe: Agreement Reached Amid Real Madrid Speculation

Photo of Mbappe on away to finish his contract with psg.

Kylian Mbappe acknowledges having a transfer “agreement” with Paris Saint-Germain, while clubs such as Real Madrid and Liverpool await clarification. The French World Cup champion is currently within the last six months of his contract at Parc des Princes, affording him the liberty to engage in discussions with clubs outside of Ligue 1, and no extension clause has been activated thus far.

Real Madrid and Liverpool are reportedly interested in the prolific 25-year-old, PSG’s all-time leading goalscorer. Despite finalizing his most recent deal in 2022 just before the prospect of free agency, Mbappe remains enigmatic regarding his future intentions.

Following PSG’s 2-0 victory over Toulouse in the Trophee des Champions, Mbappe commented, “I haven’t made my decision. I didn’t make a choice. But in any case, with the agreement I made with the president this summer, whatever my decision, we managed to safeguard all the involved parties.”

Additionally, ensuring the serenity of the club for upcoming challenges is of utmost importance. As for the timing of my decision, I cannot provide a specific timeframe. In 2022, I waited until May due to uncertainties. If I have clarity on my intentions, there is no rationale for delaying.

Nonetheless, as previously mentioned, the primary focus remains on securing trophies, with both the team and the group aligned toward that objective. Regarding my personal situation, it is not a subject of discussion within the club. My sole aim is to contribute to winning trophies, as demonstrated today.”

When questioned further about whether his role as a roaming central striker, as opposed to a wide forward, will influence his decision to stay at PSG, Mbappe added, “Regarding my position, discussions with Luis Enrique highlight that a skilled player can thrive in various roles. I believe in my capabilities as a good player. Currently, I am operating in the center.

Nevertheless, regardless of the position, it adapts based on the player’s attributes. This ensures we remain adaptable, and I would have no reservations about delivering performances. Does the freedom on the pitch motivate me to stay at PSG? What is the connection between these two aspects?

I have consistently played a significant role. It marks a continuation of the development I have undergone since my arrival in Paris.” Mbappe has notched 234 goals for PSG in 283 appearances, contributing to 13 trophies during his time in the French capital. Although long linked with a move to Madrid, fitting the ‘Galactico’ mold at Santiago Bernabeu, there are indications that he might contemplate a Premier League challenge in 2024.


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